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  1. Currently not open, but you never know ?
  2. I saw you in Fo CC recently. There are TLP kids in almost every clan, but I think primarily there are TLP kids in FI/Fo/IR. If I've left any out I'm sorry.
  3. smh my head

  4. No loyalty from some of u nigs smh

    it aint over yet

  5. get it together smh

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  6. wasted episode tbh, shouldve grinded barrows to torag hammer or flail
  7. good looking account, are you planning on chinning/bursting the HP? or just accumulating it when you can.
  8. @rg chop chop nigga

  9. sick pkerman what the fuck is that music tho
  10. founding fathers and whatnot,
  11. niggas come from the woodwork when the wolfpack might be back

  12. pajamas


    nice pk's
  13. i mean sure, but you're a spastic too obviously
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