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  1. Announcement coming Sunday/Monday ❤️🤡😈

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      RG stop blueballing me

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      better be good retard

  2. ts.tlp-rs.net works now btw

  3. pm me dickord or look discord for TS address

  4. Welcome back to the forums everyone. Those old, those new, welcome. Feels great to have some activity on these boards again. These forums have been a staple for the pure community in the past. Just wanted to fill you all in on what's been going on and provide some updates. Been getting a lot of questions/hearing rumors so let me start explaining Here are some FAQs I can provide some clearance on: Q: Is TLP actually reopening or are u trolling bro? A: We are very serious about opening/getting the clan up and running again. There's no doubt that our name can once again shine bright in the community Q: When is TLP going to be open? A: Hoping to be fully functional by the end of April or first week of May. This won't happen in 1 day. Going to be completely honest if we're giving it a chance. Q: What is the rank team going to be? A: Currently in talks with several individuals about responsibilities they are able to take on. Will have a more clear structure by next week. Looking to sign 1 or 2 more big names. My pms are always open for suggestions/help. This counts for other clans as well. Always happy and looking to bring in a new face. Q: What accounts will we be using? A: 1-20 def. If you are 20 you're fine. If you're lower STAY LOWER LPC scene btw, no little league garbage. Don't want to make this too long as things are still in progress and more updates will be posted later. There's plenty of healthy competition out there for us once again. For now, new and old members feel free to re-introduce yourself to the community. A lot can change in 3 years. Start posting around again. Teamspeak will be posted later tonight for you to idle. One last ride... You in? Welcome back wolfpack, looking forward to providing more updates in the next few days. Pm me on discord for any concerns/inquiries @rg#6625 on discord.
  5. everything will be just fine watch us thrive
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