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  1. Well Well Well

  2. Lots of invites from different clans on both sides
  3. Id rather get clapped out than lose my +1 :huh: Also love the little silent protest bullerik was streaming the other day, There also seems to be a small amount of 1 itemers getting smited in the video, you would think if the only reason u speared is because of people ragging ud make a video showcasing smiting those people and not pvmers?
  4. Hope there is some quest that you need def xp for, hf to all the retards that got 39 def
  5. knew it was only a matter of time before turm would be a possibility
  6. hanu was kicked, ranks took up leadership roles, people stopped turning up for trips, lb decided to close, new lb reopened the clan, people still didnt turn up, we closed
  7. Some eop guy on a random nick started pooring his heart out to me about how we owe eop so i should join http://i.imgur.com/OqV6NTN.png
  8. Even tho this was done in a livestream, they will prob poll it asking if we want the def req
  9. f2p shit team capes There is also a occult/d scim/godsword/ammy of torture kits which dont have a pic on the ge page [/img]
  10. Anybody rich enough to have bought any of them yet, wondering how the occult and godsword kits will look http://services.runescape.com/m=news/treasure-trail-expansion?oldschool=1
  11. I need a pet to look cool in clw, so ima get a skilling pet If you have a pet which method did u use
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