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  1. What is the Chance that Chance was talking to you to get caught by a picture?
  2. Its pretty sick.. not gunna lie
  3. Attack/hunter/fishing.. in that order :ahh:
  4. Gratz.. lol at pyre what a attention whore -_-
  5. Sounds good vh and tlp vs rehab? :D HUH HUH? I agree... Huh Huh?
  6. ```Mike```

    New interface

    Log out button hard to find.. at first i was looking for like 15mins then im like oh sneaky :boff: THE END :kkk:
  7. No point in 10.. might aswell go 13 for addy gloves
  8. This is NOT a forum for selling lvl 3 accounts... I just want to show some dumb names ive came up with in past few days and they actually worked lol.. if you want one i guess i can give you but i doubt you could play all that much considering most names are offensive and may get banned.... Here they are: Harry Taints Hairy Taints The Satchel Chisel Dhic Lack Tate Vah Ginas I Kill Irl I produce I produced u I have a ho I slap my ho I rip moms I buy hos I abuse drug I Immigrated I Do Crank K Plus KK Im A Notze I Hung A Blk Fondled One I Tear Ginas Holy Pecker Yoda Is Hung Hung Lik God Dihc Slapped Itrainslaves And dont take offense to them, i am not trying to be racist in anyway... just amazing how jagex doesnt block that kinda stuff
  9. Basically your not playing rs as much.. not quitting...
  10. Nice i want 90attack gunna train for soon :bounce:
  11. I sold for 36.5m so we got 18,250,000 each :fire:
  12. I got from boss, and hey inses hows it going :)
  13. Thanks mea, doesnt say i got the bandos hilt cause helper mage was trying to hurt me so i ate shark.. and on top of that me and him freaking out.. :$
  14. First bandos drop, and first drop over 200k tbh :$
  15. Just register'd again so havent looked at much of forum.. sorry
  16. Ive quit many times.. but sitting around is gay tbh..
  17. Ye was thinkin might do the job when i was 91-93str i had about 850k per 100 p pots
  18. Nah takes to much attention with food, and i play because my rl life is boring on the week days cause i dont go to school and only work till like 8 at night :o and for some reason my parent dont let me out on week days lol... And my computer sucks, my graphics card can barely handle rs... and other online games... :(
  19. If i enjoyed Runescape as much as you.. i probably would.
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