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  1. What is the Chance that Chance was talking to you to get caught by a picture?
  2. Its pretty sick.. not gunna lie
  3. Attack/hunter/fishing.. in that order :ahh:
  4. Gratz.. lol at pyre what a attention whore -_-
  5. Sounds good vh and tlp vs rehab? :D HUH HUH? I agree... Huh Huh?
  6. ```Mike```

    New interface

    Log out button hard to find.. at first i was looking for like 15mins then im like oh sneaky :boff: THE END :kkk:
  7. No point in 10.. might aswell go 13 for addy gloves
  8. This is NOT a forum for selling lvl 3 accounts... I just want to show some dumb names ive came up with in past few days and they actually worked lol.. if you want one i guess i can give you but i doubt you could play all that much considering most names are offensive and may get banned.... Here they are: Harry Taints Hairy Taints The Satchel Chisel Dhic Lack Tate Vah Ginas I Kill Irl I produce I produced u I have a ho I slap my ho I rip moms I buy hos I abuse drug I Immigrated I Do Crank K Plus KK Im A Notze I Hung A Blk Fondled One I Tear Ginas Holy Pecker Yoda Is Hung Hung Lik God Dihc Slapped Itrainslaves And dont take offense to them, i am not trying to be racist in anyway... just amazing how jagex doesnt block that kinda stuff
  9. Basically your not playing rs as much.. not quitting...
  10. Nice i want 90attack gunna train for soon :bounce:
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