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  1. I know I hate it too, I'd pay good rs money to Jagex if they would let me change it
  2. Hello everyone, This is pur3pk3r38 Aka Awais. I'm H.op on #Fatality and I've been in Fatality for 6 months. Well I recently just finished my Pk vid and I want to share it with eveyone amongst the pure and runescape world to enjoy. It's 100 percent real, no staged kills no nothing. The vid has over 8m + of LOOT, Including Whip, Full torags, Destroying TONS AND TONS AND TONS of Rune pures, and a G axe. It's more than 6.5m but that was a good guesstimate. All my links are DL free. Youtube for all those youtube viewers and Putfile has great quality, just like Filefront, but with no Dl needed!! Nice eh? Well here's a picture of my stats, Do's I say gf when I have the time. I am HONOR I'll Get you back if you've pj'ed me before in EDGE. I tag at DRAGS. Don'ts I don't tele. I don't pj unless you've pjed me. I don't "NO HONOR" I don't Tag in edge. I don't flame unless your calling me out and flaming! After you watch it, I hope you guys can write a comment bceause I love positive comments and i can definatly deal with the negativity to improve on my skills of making a vid. Well not really, because I'd liek to take this time to point out 1on1dogg AKA Pur3pk3r39 for editing my vid with EXTREME SUCCESS. Best editer ever IMO. :wub: I used WMM to edit this video and it's 9 Minute and 15 Seconds. Here's some screenies of the hits you'll be viewing today, notice, I'm only a lvl 82 whipper ^^ Songs - Crossfade - No Giving Up Breathe - Fabulous P.O.D. - Sattelite Stronger - Kanye West Without further ado, I'd like to present Pur3pk3r38's First video, THE SOUND OF REVENGE!! Putfile Link, CLICK HERE!!!! Filefront link! Click here!!!
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