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  1. Woa - Zach


    "go away demon" or 6 years bad luck
  2. i need a rag tag team of individuals who are around me level to dominate some csgo games. no hax -woa
  3. Woa - Zach


    51 consecutive wins? u gotta b kitten me fght.
  4. Woa - Zach


    http://imgur.com/COlVd0u sum1 fuck my ass thats accurate. im a cryin fgt tyin da niggas tagged here also btw this is fire; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhUFp4fUTK0 i miss the times 4:44, osrs is cool
  5. i could help u translate the vid if ur open
  6. thats gud. cuz u may actually go crazy if u watch da vid.
  7. my desk is messy af which is why spilling water all over it is a huge deal. now i gotta go pick up each fukin object and dry it -,.-
  8. im also guilty of vicious counts of toomfoolery
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