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  1. So_easy99

    holy fuck

    Damnnn, grats
  2. So_easy99


    Gz, feels good to get that one
  3. ty edit: go general chat, is there my 2h hits, like 2-3..
  4. dude tell me where is that
  5. yh lol, but always pownz (in my opinion)
  6. comment pl0x, i got them on, so u can see it :)
  7. lol u killed i ru1z i, i know his main, he was on my main clan lol... very nice gallery =) gratz
  8. dont put clearasil man, it sox, go to farmace. clerasil sox dude.. its a sugestion, but with time spots will be over, but u need always use something for that or u will be with spot 4 life lol x>D
  9. lost 6 d scimmys in 2 days on w69, cauz of rushers/pjers
  10. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad :|
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