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  1. Good for you, tattoos are great. Enjoy it.
  2. ooo i love ofwgkta alot to (: been listenin for a while, free earl, fuck steve harvery & 2dopeboyz etc. I play portal 2, and LoL only now tho :P and get on battlecam alot. What are you into buddy!
  3. im just a virgin and im 29 years old :(
  4. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/81444688/ lol :whistle:
  5. I get laid on a daily basis by different girls and I'm a douche bag.
  6. Well then you're the idiots nevertheless, if you don't do anything about it. I doubt anyone who ddoses in Runescape has a bot network, thus having free access to the source of the ddosing (and in the end, if there's not many people ddosing it is essentially useless, I've got 8/1mb and five people can't even slow my net so much I'd even notice really (tested). Some people take this shitty game way too seriously, it seems. Ddosing seems like an excuse for being shit to me. The end. Umad nerd?
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