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  1. Fuckload of AGS pk's. Damn nice man
  2. Santa

    Game bank

    lemme guess, 200k loot? smfd cunt loots
  3. Its just the risk you've got to take.. if you succeed, you'll be filthy rich in the end, else you're screwed.
  4. Santa


    Nice risk man! The gear is great when you have enough money to spend on that sht.. sucks to lose a set, trust me.
  5. I support! I love him, he's a great guy so just unban him.. With him, its always a great atmosphere :).
  6. That's just bullshit. My botter got banned for 1 day and this happened not even 2 days ago.. That's just bullshit from Jagex to scare people. Happy botting guys!
  7. I like it tbh :D Nice combo's btw
  8. Santa

    triple 85

    60att runepure with 31 prayer are sweet. You're 1 def tho, but still 31 prayer is good enough in f2p + the prayer boost from monastery, just enough prayer to get a kill ;)
  9. Bout 60M bankworth.. and those items keep rising so soon it'll be more :D cbf posting a pic
  10. Most of them are just oldschool.. like Mahatma he only did whip specs --' and they were overpowered.. But hiei has skill so i choose himm
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