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  1. Someone repoen this fucking clan ffs.

  2. im trying this tomorrow, better not let me down k2p
  3. Their about to fuck real soon
  4. The scene with Khaleesi not burning after killing the darthraki leaders was a scene in the book but it was really early in the season for some reason, They really are changing the plot alot.
  5. N D F


    Idk if anyone here has heard of this guy yet, he has about 10 songs on youtube and sound cloud. He's from Toronto and is literally blowing up over night. All of my friends who I showed this song ended up really liking it.
  6. Alienware m14x r2 the keypad next to my keyboard is my friends, I also have a razer headset but its not in the pic this was taken awhile ago
  7. I have an alienware m14x r2. But I purchased it 2 years ago for only 600, it was 1500 on release.
  8. Not worth the money imo, you can get a 970 which can run any game max settings.
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