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  1. Damn i feel bad for those who are still a part of rot these days :s

  2. Guy makes some of the best rs video's out there
  3. Damn i missed this site, i really did lol

  4. Jr applicunt #1 singing in again wb mate
  5. We here still playing this game like its Church from time to time, glad they came with ironman honestly This game is not that much anymore with current 'pure' pvp clan scene; blame jagex for not even trying to update pvp
  6. I see you lurking How we all doing wolfpack ?
  7. Happy birthday @@The Velvet Nutsack incomming dirty nutsack pictures
  8. Double post + like couse yeah u are right Infamous
  9. Feels for living on an island bad luck bro
  10. Holy fucking shit l0l im no sleep tonight :(
  11. Go away filthy demon
  12. Il be back hopefully verry soon finding more free time oh im already like lvl 25 btw :p
  13. Been working way to much the last few days, since boss his daughter is in hostpital and will prob be there for another week ish. first time i see a pc screen in more then a week lol xD
  14. Verry nice my friend, il guess later today (6/7pm gmt) we will be having a squad going for the night ;)
  15. Damn nive vid mate! Keep them up :)
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