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  1. Important: Do you wipe sitting down or standing up?

  2. long time man hope all's well with you
  3. hey man I remember you, hope all's well. definitely had some good times around here
  4. thats some good pkering right there
  5. Life is good man hope you’re doing well Miss this place. Runescape ain’t shit to me without TLP
  6. 11.5 5'11 tall idk wingspan nigga allergic to the bullshit when's first trip
  7. ayy grats @@Coz you're gonna make a great dad
  8. what's good man, recognize the name. however I might be confusing you with i p00n n33bs :P we closed about a year ago but a lot of ex-TLP are over at ub-rs.com although there aren't many from your time left
  9. So I went to Vegas last week, which was dope as fuck. Had never been out that far west and it was pretty different being essentially in the middle of the dry ass desert rather than being in my home state of Florida which is green and humid af While I was there I got real fucked up with my dad and my brother, lost a bunch of money gambling, then made a bunch of money gambling - played a lot of roulette, blackjack, and entered 2 poker tournaments where I finished 16/36 and 14/40. Visited pretty much all the famous hotels/casinos in Vegas, ate some of the best food I had eaten in my life (the hotels have insane buffets, and the one I was staying in had an open bar included with the buffet) and saw some random cool shit like the pawn shop from Pawn Stars - which is tiny af compared to what they make it look like on the show. Met Chumley from the show, who came off as a total douche but it was still cool to see him in person. Also ate at In-n-out which I had never eaten at before. Probably the best fast food burger I had every had The most fun part for me was probably the gambling in every casino and partying on Fremont Street (downtown/Old Vegas). Saw a bunch of interesting characters there and me and my brother almost got in a fight with a homeless guy (which was a lot more fun than it sounds considering how hard we were trolling him the whole time. My hotel also had a topless/nude pool which I spent an hour or 2 at one night just for the lols All in all the trip was fun as fuck and I'd definitely recommend going over there to experience it. It's sorta like it's own little world over there. And also I don't think I've ever seen that much 10/10 ass within a 5-day period in my life. Well, I went to FSU so nvm but the girls were definitely on-point While I was there, I hit up my nigga @@Nate-Beast and he picked me up and took me by the UNLV campus and we had a bunch of drinks at one of his go-to bars there. Had to take the obligatory picture which is below. I'm on the left and Nate's on the right. Idk why the pic is so big lol Wish I took more pics while I was over there to show you guys but I'm not much of a picture taker and I hardly saved any pics from my snapchat
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