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  1. @Ecstacy squatting...not completely vertical.

  2. Fix my PC please =D

  3. Hope this works out!

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    2. Coz


      I barely have time for my main...let alone create a new account.

    3. CR3W


      I feel it bro. Coaching/teaching and my schedule is just enough. Can’t imagine a kid on top of that. 

    4. Cptn


      Coz just do it.

      NMZ over night - no problems

  4. Awesome man! It has been interesting, but so rewarding!
  5. What are your current RSNs? Add me (Coz) And I would like to introduce you to the newest Coz and TLP Member. Born July 6th.
  6. Even though this site is dead, I wanted to post where my e-fam once lived. Wifey and I are pretty stoked. Baby Coz coming July 2018! TLP 4 Life
  7. I would have met Cory a few weeks ago, but his bitch ass flopped on me after only getting 3 hours of sleep. JK We will meet soon. Looked fun guys! We still need that Florida meet up!!!
  8. Main life. Just got quest cape.
  9. I miss you guys. Hope you all are doing well! (Been in my feel lately....)
  10. Still main a little, but mostly busy IRL
  11. Coz


    Dicks out for harambe
  12. Coz

    So Cute

    16, 10 or so were for slayer task
  13. Forums still around. Clan is closed however.
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