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  1. Fix my PC please =D

  2. Hope this works out!

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    2. Coz


      I barely have time for my main...let alone create a new account.

    3. CR3W


      I feel it bro. Coaching/teaching and my schedule is just enough. Can’t imagine a kid on top of that. 

    4. Cptn


      Coz just do it.

      NMZ over night - no problems

  3. Awesome man! It has been interesting, but so rewarding!
  4. What are your current RSNs? Add me (Coz) And I would like to introduce you to the newest Coz and TLP Member. Born July 6th.
  5. Even though this site is dead, I wanted to post where my e-fam once lived. Wifey and I are pretty stoked. Baby Coz coming July 2018! TLP 4 Life
  6. I would have met Cory a few weeks ago, but his bitch ass flopped on me after only getting 3 hours of sleep. JK We will meet soon. Looked fun guys! We still need that Florida meet up!!!
  7. Main life. Just got quest cape.
  8. I miss you guys. Hope you all are doing well! (Been in my feel lately....)
  9. Still main a little, but mostly busy IRL
  10. Coz


    Dicks out for harambe
  11. Coz

    So Cute

    16, 10 or so were for slayer task
  12. Forums still around. Clan is closed however.
  13. He is already 99 RC. Have fun getting cancer!
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