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  1. Was just curious what ru all up to this year hows the life and so. Some of this clan members were the ones that made my childhood #Annihilation squad missing dem old days. Does any of you still play or lurk around this forums sometimes for memories? @@Zee @@Brit @@Vitka @@Father Hypno any of you fuckers want to come to Defqon.1 or Weekend festival baltic this year? Would love to meet you fuckers irl, US is pretty fucked up aint wanna get shot so wont have change to meet you there
  2. Same, want invite to the party?
  3. He´ll get drive-byd because of being white rapper dw
  4. "Battlescape prods" lol =]
  5. Gert

    Easy One

    Everything is nice and so on but would look more attractive with 1 def
  6. idk guys making bank, just got 28m gp out of 280k burnt food. 130k burnt food already purchased again. Started 4 days ago with 200k
  7. its because of the falador massacre in 06/06/2006
  8. @@Curtis How much you have anyways? cba to run for like 300-400
  9. Merching purpose, purchasing really low price and selling atleast x10 price example: here i purchased the fishes average of 7.4 coins each total purchased: 12330 burnt fish average spent coins: 91,242 gp earned coins: 1,233,000 gp ea price sold to collector: 100 gp estimated purchase time: 50 minutes Therefore each burnt fish that we´re traded profited me 92.6 gp so if someone traded me even 50 i would profit already 5k burnt fishes are atlesat 1.4-1.5M-ish hour if you find a real collector that purchases millions of them... The profit can even be bigger it just depends on your luck. so far ive had best trade where i profited 1.1m out of 1 trade
  10. Cat grow up, first attempt yellow. Just sad lol....
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