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  1. Warriors fascinate my interest tbh. Soon, they will mention TLP with them :P
  2. are we misreading your kc? l0l Gz @@Colton.
  3. looked like a fun trip, gj smacking fo.
  4. fun trip tbh.. I'm def gonna have to get used to using 1 def though.
  5. I was a part of the pure war training world at clan wars world 169 about 8 years ago. A couple of the people there asked me, want to make a justice league and so, I changed my name from Kareembrooks to Batmans pure.
  6. Not that I'm a traitor or a back stabber but I have had enough listening to two young nimrods that just do stupid shit and justify it with more nonsense. I'm sure people will come over, but it's not my idea to see RD suffer. I've always wanted what's best for them, but that's not always what's best for me.
  7. RD has become a clan that I do not want to be a part of. Ever since evezz and sith stepped down its been full of drama, nonsense, and regression. They do things that I morally disagree with and I've had enough helping people that don't listen or learn. Leaders are unfocused and lost. Ranks are brainwashed, and members are made fun of by the ranks when they do anything wrong. At this point, RD stands for nothing more than who can get promoted fastest.
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