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  1. We’re finally getting somewhere!
  2. Is TLP still up and running? I see that your member tittle is 'Member'. I thought TLP was closed down?
  3. I miss you old farts, and this place.. I've been visiting this forum for over 10 years now. This used to be one my favorite places, and I truly miss and appreciate the past. I started playing again not too long ago, still out here in these streets. Add me if you remember me.. RSN: Zugwoo I'm curious how the pure clan scene is as of late, folks still rolling around with the grey hats or have folks moved to bigger clans? I hope that you're all taking care of yourselves and living life to the max. Take care.
  4. I'm thinking about getting 60-70 Runecrafting with nature runes through the abyss. Would be a nice stack of money and would add to my total level. Afterwards I will probably get 61-70 Slayer using melee/range. Pretty much just nmz strength after that.
  5. 140 Quest Points. What would you do next?
  6. Hey folks, I have returned. Some might remember me and others won't. Hope everyone is doing well and gains were made.. Should have 1600 total and 99 range on Zugwoo in about a week or two. xoxo
  7. Starting to come along nicely, gl with future goals.
  8. Good job buddy, I'm sure it feels good.
  9. Keep up the gains, you're doing great.
  10. That's ridiculous! Good job man, it's well deserved I'm sure.
  11. Good job mate, keep up the good work!
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