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  1. you're a year late bud, we dominated 2015, you missed a good time but honestly real life is probably more productive than runescape anyway
  2. http://tlp-rs.net/topic/89154-tlps-1-f2p-saturday-71815/ this ones amazing too; its the one where Fo ran away from us all trip while telling their members we were scared to fight them then when we hit them at ghost hut they logged on us then tried to log back in and fight http://tlp-rs.net/topic/89428-tlp-wins-again-1-f2p-saturday/
  3. @@Tyendinaga do you have the 1 where we vaporised Fo at dwarves in f2p and made them camp lvl 5 wildy for the rest of the year?
  4. Only watched for like 10 minutes. hate hillary but trump was getting fucking obliterated. You know it was bad when the_donald are complaining about hillary getting soft balls as opposed to talking about how great trump is.
  5. I'm in ruin and play on my main most of the time just chillin :) I had it on my autojoin for a while but you guys have it as invite only so I kept getting kicked whenever I went on irc
  6. One of the last vids I made of prime TLP before all the drama and the only one I ever managed to upload in HD We threw away a beautiful thing :(
  7. Dean

    Thats Chill

    fucking madman
  8. Have some fucking self respect
  9. Dean


    Cos clue scroll expansion update also gave new rewards to all tiers including meds so people been camping them hard. Grats brother hops
  10. Looks alright but not something with any longevity unless you get some kind of reward from it.
  11. Infinite teles to nardah next to the statue that restores hp/pray/energy so for shit like barrows where I only bank once every 16 chests it saves me a ton of time I would if I was around during your hours more I'm only on scape/comp during like mid day GMT
  12. Prob gonna do elite kandarin next when I have the time then gradually finish off master clue reqs then I'm ready to speed run barrows + clues
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