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  1. Though these forums are dead, I'd like to pass on my experience from when I decided to start carrying. holy shit where to begin... Budget budget budget, the gun is only price of admission, everything else costs $$$$ What to expect- * Gun $300-$1000+ (from your bottom dollar hipoint, to a midrange glock, to a high-end fiveseven/1911/deagle) * Ammo $10-$35/box of 50 (depending on caliber and quality you plan to shoot + carry ammo) * Cleaning supplies $40~ (certain guns require more maintenance than others, but a $20 kit should cover you for atleast a year) * Safe/lockbox $50-$150 (to secure the weapon when its off your hip) * Holster $100-$150~ (iwb/aiwb since you plan to conceal, don't grab some AIO holster, spend the extra money up front and get a decent kydex holster from stealthgear, crossbreed, or aliengear) * Extra mags $20-$30/ea (don't go off brand, magpull is alright, but try to stick to brand mags to prevent jamming/misfire issues) * Nightsights? $100-$250 (Plan to carry every day? most guns come with stock sights that are useless at night) * Flashlight/laser? not really needed.. but lmao why not $100-$200 * Club membership vs Range cost- if you aren't running off to the woods to shoot everytime, you could buy into a club to shoot for a month/year, or pay a one-off access fee. ranging from $50-200/yr or $10-30/one-off -my edc concealed * Gun- Glock 19 gen3 = $500~ * Holster- Stealthgear IWB mini = $129 * Nightsight- Trijicon Green nightsites = $130 * Flashlight/Lsser- Streamlight tlr4g = $230 * Carry Ammo- Federal Hydra Shok hollow points ($20 for a box of 20) = $20+tax (buy 2-3 boxes to learn the recoil, and a box to carry) * Safe- biometric quickopen safe on my bedside = $120 ready for the range? not yet. * Mags- like 4x glock 9mm 15rnd = $120 (nobody wants to reload after every mag at the range) * Range Ammo- 10 Boxes of 50 American Eagle FMJ (Federal Ammo) = $120 (should last a month if you are a semi-active shooter) * Cleaning Kit- ballistol, firm toothbrush, and a off the shelf $20 kit After that the only thing I pay for is a $75/yr gun club/range membership + $50-$150/month ammo average. Higher the caliber, the more it costs to shoot in ammo. Colion Noir really hits it on the head though.. side notes- * Depending if you know the size/caliber you want, research prices online, you can always buy online, and have it sent to a local FFL, pay a small receivers fee, and then off you go. * Get your concealed permit first, as it should whitelist you on the buying process, and won't require you to wait to pick up your gun. * Ammo can be sent directly to your house from online shops. * budsgunshop is a pretty nice online outfit that sells new/used guns, and will help you price your needs. * read the fucking manual when you get a new gun, field strip it over and over and learn how everything works before you chamber a single round.
  2. costs nada to run them, just planned to leave them up 4ever.
  3. christ fam, did not expect that. should get that thrown up on tlp tube for history.
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  5. Been a solid while since I've done .NET @, shoot me a PM with the details of the assignment and if I have time I'll give it a go.
  6. terrible choice for a client name. https://www.google.com/search?q=conduit+malware
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