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  3. Should rly be on that list tbh. Would help if you told us what rank you were last, i think it was High Council right?
  4. long time man hope all's well with you
  5. Spent an hour going through a bunch of old posts lmao. Brings me back to the good old days ): Hope you all are doing well in life <3
  6. i see u dave

  7. Someone repoen this fucking clan ffs.

  8. ❀️

  9. I appear to be missing 😁
  10. Currently not open, but you never know πŸ™‚
  11. We’re finally getting somewhere!
  12. Is TLP still up and running? I see that your member tittle is 'Member'. I thought TLP was closed down?
  13. I saw you in Fo CC recently. There are TLP kids in almost every clan, but I think primarily there are TLP kids in FI/Fo/IR. If I've left any out I'm sorry.
  14. Be sure to add/msg me if ya'll still play.
  15. hey man I remember you, hope all's well. definitely had some good times around here
  16. I miss you old farts, and this place.. I've been visiting this forum for over 10 years now. This used to be one my favorite places, and I truly miss and appreciate the past. I started playing again not too long ago, still out here in these streets. Add me if you remember me.. RSN: Zugwoo I'm curious how the pure clan scene is as of late, folks still rolling around with the grey hats or have folks moved to bigger clans? I hope that you're all taking care of yourselves and living life to the max. Take care.
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