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The State Of Foc

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Hello m8s, recently it came to my attention that final ownage control has been attempting to climb out of the hole we have kept them in over the past 6 months because of their new-found friendship with sv :P.
Let's not forget what we reduced you to  :thumbsup: 
First up; Adhi (the soon to be elder) tries to justify their teaming with sovereign this past weekend, and let me tell u lmao his members were not happy:
Here's another picture of a foc member unhappy with their leaders incompetence, written by shy mute marko, way to tell em big guy!!!:
Yesterday @Divine told me that @HolyDreams had written a topic praising my dedication to TLP and I received a picture of it shortly after:
Feel bad for the guy considering half their clan skips trips to play ranked 5s on league :S
My good pal Novations had this to say:
Interesting...a fo (trial)rank posting a picture of hacking me(It appears I have hit a nerve =P), isn't that breaking the rules??? I'm sure this will be dealt with...
Also if anyone is actually interested on how his warlord trial is going, here's a small audio recording of his performance in one of their recent preps....yeah:

Cunts legit a freak irl, no wonder no foc members like him nor take him seriously l0l.
More very juicy info, on a much larger scale, regarding this leaky clan coming soon btw heh.
edit: I have received word that they will be making another PK video in an attempt to revive their dead clan, don't think that will help :/

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trouble in paradise!!!

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FOC allows TRIAL warlords to hack accounts?


wait till walli finds out about this




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wow typical Fo promotes a scumbag loser (that everyone hates) to trial warlord



foc has fallen so low. The only hint of honour they had died ages ago when they have adhi his rank back after ddosing an applicant for ags.

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tsk tsk tsk

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<+Beest> turn the booter on untill they die
<%Sunday> turn the booter on till they die
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<+leeaway> adhi saw what u guys said

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lmfao foc

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lmfao that novations kid is actually awkward he wouldn't even get talk power here let alone a rank 

mfw they almost lost the round when divine died and he had to take it l0l



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crumble crumble




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Wonder what Walli has to say about the state of foc. Can't imagine he's very happy

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what a fucking loser lmao can't wait for the next leaks!



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dahm lol who reschedules their exams over roonskape!!!!





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FOC allows TRIAL warlords to hack accounts?


wait till walli finds out about this



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wow who woulda guessed that fo ranks would be involved in hacking



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this is how the cookie crumbles



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Jesus just listened to that audio lmfao

What a cringey cunt brah lmaooooo

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