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The Last Pures 2015 Recap

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TLP = Gods among peasant



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good year to be tlp

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    Stay Eazy

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You forgot to mention we lost a p2p full out vs fo albeit it being an extreme nail bitter and despite us being hugeeee under dogs. I'm Proud of the progress we have made this year in p2p- From being terrified to mini fatality to nearly beating fo in their homeland. Let's keep it up!

...You also forgot to mention fo refuses to f2p full out us (declined), f2p prep us (declined), and are completely irrelevant on the weekends because of us.

From an objective point of view, if you look at the entire picture, we are the clear #1 pure clan currently. fo however has certainly kept things interesting with their recent win over us. Let's hope the upcoming year brings more battles in both servers, there is no reason at all to shy away from competition and that's what fo is doing currently with picking their battles and only wanting to fight from a position of power.

Let's stay strong throughout 2016 fellas

yep these are some major things to happen as well.  thanks for the addition.


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every1 sucker but us



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Tldr: tlp winned alot, we really are the best fo/rd/fi/sup/cp/sv smoked puff puff lmao

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Glad I decided to come back in June, right in time to slump Fi. it's been nothing but fun since. Looking forward to an awesome 2016.



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very nice topic brother



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It's been almost a year since I saw Neon Jedi run into vwest with TLP colors on telling me TLP was opening. I got to meet Obese, Adam, Cody and Soron fairly quickly after that and soon after , TLP had opened. 


I never expected to ever be a part of pure clanning having been an athlete in highschool and the beginning of college, and watched the best I could what went on inside the pure world. We may all disagree on some things here and there and I'm new as fuck, but you motherfuckers have been nothing short of a family. This year has been a major struggle for me and it's been incredibly helpful to just sit around and shoot the shit with TLP. 


Nobody is more deserving of being the best than we are. From level 70's to 60+ 100 combat beasts, the undisputed best F2P clan, and a heavy contender for P2P, I'm fully amped for 2016. Let's fuckin dance!

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great to be tlp

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i remember coming onto irc for the first time after TLP closed and saw we had reopened and the fam was back together... honestly i wish i could explain the feeling i had and the grin on my face.

TLP has been and always will be my home and i am proud of what we have achieved this year.

i am proud of every member here and thankful and a massive shoutout to all the ranks that have made this possible

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We've accomplished so much in so little time. Gonna be a great 2016



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making a pic dump later of all of 2015 rofl




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great to be tlp



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Speaking from a very dedicated ex-Corrupt Pures Legend stand point, I will say leaving CP and joining TLP has been the single most beneficial clanning decision I've made in all my years of clanning, I left CP after being there for 3 years and never thought I would leave, let alone end up in the very clan we were rivals with at the time, @%Braden some how convinced me on SB to join TLP and I was very hesitate considering I didn't have the best reputation here and plus my account was shit. Since I applied for TLP almost a month and half ago, I've loved it here. The atmosphere, the people, the leadership, and just the clan itself has been more then what I expected and I'm truly honored to be apart of it. I can't wait for 2k16 to start so we can  obliterated clans.

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Enjoying every trip since I joined, good to be in here and great topic!



    We really are the best.

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Great to be TLP



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i missed so much lol should have joined when @*Kyle and @V0idz joined

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had fun here, cya in 2016 

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Sik clan



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glad i joined this clan after ZU closed, by far a great decision, good work lads! next year let's strive for better !

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