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The Last Pures 2015 Recap

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Well here we are boys, the end of 2015 nears us so I thought I'd write up a topic with the help of the staff showing how far TLP has come as a clan.
Before I go any further into this topic, the staff of TLP would like to thank everyone for coming back whether you are an old or new member and fighting alongside us in 2015.  It's been an incredible year and we've accomplished so much.   
Last February I got a message on Facebook from @%Adam saying that TLP, a clan I'd been in for years pre-eoc had reopened.  He told me we were gonna give it another shot on 07 scape and I wasn't too sure what to think.  After gaining some interest I decided it was time to throw on the team-27 cape and give it another go.  We knew it was going to be tough after first reopening with a new staff and a new member list, but damn we've come a long way.  Let's take a trip down memory lane and recap some major events that happened in the past year since reopening.  
So after a year and a half break, the reopening stage began in the beginning of last February. There was a mix of newer members as well as some of the older members who had returned to help run the clan.  Everyone was starting to build their accounts up so that we could begin to become a competitive clan like we always were.  Once everyone started to build up their accounts, we started to prep clans without much experience as a group.  It was tough at first being lower level but we quickly realized what we were up against.  Here's a pic at one of our first preps and one of our first pk trips:
It was around this time that we started bickering with "Supremacy" since we didn't like the fact that they had our capes.  After many weeks of building our accounts up, there was hype for an F2P prep that would occur on February 26th, 2015.  With newer leaders and members, we weren't too sure how this would go but we ended up 3-0ing them.  This prep was a major confidence boost and was our biggest since reopening.  Here is the vid with calling: 
However, after a prep with Redemption in March where we got 3-0'd we realized we needed much higher levels.  After clicking the fall in of Redemption and seeing all of their level 100's, we started training towards that goal right away.  At one point, we had the least amount of level 100's but now we clearly have the most because of dedication to the clan and training.
When it came to the Wilderness, we were doing decent but it was tough having a smaller member base right after reopening.  From February to April we were pulling mediocre amounts (30-40) people every trip fighting clans like Leet Tactics (now closed), Zerg Unit (now closed), and Supremacy.  However, we kept training and grinding these months out gaining our levels and continuing to improve in Clan Wars. 
As we approached May, our levels were getting better and we started gaining more active members.  After our 2 typical weekend trips, Fatality decided to make a few topics talking shit about TLP.  They claimed they were going to "tighten the leash" on us lmfao
 Many of our members at that time didn't appreciate this and a new rivalry began.  This was one of the most crucial points in TLP history because Fatality gave us a reason to log in and gain hype.  Throughout the end of May and beginning of June, we would make quick work of Fatality.  Their members began to quit or join other clans while we would continue to get a massive amount of older/newer TLP members to come back.  The day that everything changed was June 20th, 2015.  After all the shit talk and banter on forums, it came down a clean 1v1 fight near dwarves, where we cleared Fatality down 8 people.  At that point Fatality had been considered a #1/#2 clan but this fight would slump them for months to come.  Here is the video (the fight starts at 3 minutes)
here's another pov:
Like I said, this 3-4 week rivalry with Fatality brought the return of several TLP members as well as new members who chose to join in order to kill Fatality for good.  By the end of the rivalry, Fatality ended up wearing Fo's team cape because they were not able to kill us on their own.  We saw our pulls increase in both F2P and P2P by over 20 people every single weekend.  Here is a pic just a few weeks after killing Fatality over and over again and officially winning the rivalry against them:
Beating the dead horse about a month after the rivalry ended:
After making quick work of Fatality and taking over the #2 spot in pure clanning within just 5 months of reopening, it was time for a real challenge.  Final Ownage had been the best pure clan for quite a while earlier in the year but we were up for the challenge.  Once we officially showed interest in becoming a rival of Fo, TLP members were more dedicated than ever to take the throne.  We were pulling around 70-80 members every weekend during the end of the summer and sustaining these numbers.  This is something TLP has never really seen before (only at the end of the BH era).  Not only were our pulls high but our quality was gaining as well.  Here is a video of us beating Fo (#1 at the time) 67 v 73 in their own game (P2P clanwars)
After that fight occured, Fo was furious that we actually beat them and the rivalry was in full force.  When they saw that we were a threat, I will never forget that they actually had to call JaJa to help them not get cleared on a weekend PK trip lmao.  Week after week their pulls kept dropping while ours kept gaining.  Throughout the summer months Fo had pulled 65+ people each week, but once August began they dropped to ~45-50 pulls each week while we hovered at around 65-75 people each week.  Our impact was apparent.  We completely dominated them in F2P wilderness week after week, as well as competing in the P2P server for #1.  They consistently declined our prep requests and even declined a F2P fullout, something they have never done before.  Below will be some of the important PK trips throughout this rivalry in August/September (I could include so many but here are just a few):
As the weeks went by, clans like CP/RD would also try and start shit with us but CP would die to us up 20 people every week so they were pretty irrelevant as usual.  RD tried to talk shit for like 2 weeks but they quickly realized that was a bad idea:
We took #1 in F2P easily.  I'll never forget the Saturday trip where Fo told their staff members to get P2P gear and we rushed them on 26 hill in a P2P world.  They were easily sweeped off the map even though they had a gear advantage.  Here's the vid (fight starts at 4 minutes):
They would be completely demoralized for weeks and weeks dropping down to 30 man pulls and even resorting to teaming with Corrupt Pures lmfao:

[22:33] <@[CP]Alex> make sure u keep opts up

[22:33] <@[CP]Alex> let Fo hit them
[22:33] <@[CP]Alex> Fos off u
[22:33] <@[CP]Alex> Fos off u
[22:33] <@[CP]Alex> Fos off u
[22:33] <@[CP]Alex> hit tlp
Fo down to 28 people on a P2P trip in a barrage clump lmfao:
A few weeks later when we cleared them in a battle of Al Kharid Castle:
About ~2 months ago, we got word that "Sovereign" was reopening as an HPC and we were excited that there would be some new competition.  After a week of their hype, they quickly realized they were up against a far more superior clan, TLP.  Whether it was the wilderness or Clan Wars these past few weeks, we have dominated them.  Here's some recent events in Clan Wars and Wilderness to show vs. Sovereign (including an epic GWAS that occurred last weekend):
lmfao.. awkward
Below I will post some videos of some other notable achievements this year:
^ down 15 kills and 13 people, wiped CP off the map.
^ TLP vs. Doom F2P Prep down 7 losing like 2 people in a round.


Carrying red vs blue: 


First Prep win after reopening:


Walking down our rival Supremacy at the time:




So that's it for 2015 boys.  I might have missed some things but I think I covered most of the main things that happened this year.  I know this topic is long but enjoy looking over our accomplishments while you celebrate the holidays with your families. Whether you fought with us, against us, joined us, or left us, we thank you for making 2015 one of the best years The Last Pures has ever seen.  Can't wait to see what 2016 has in store.

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Great to be TLP

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establishing who #1 f2p is


scims lol

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Awesome fucking topic and I'm glad I've been able to enjoy the majority of this with you guys. Although its quite a different TLP this time around, it's been great meeting all the new loyal TLP members and finally taking the #1 spot with cunts I've known for over 6 years.


Thanks to everyone who put in the effort this year to make TLP what it is today, ily all xoxoxo.

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sippin on ciroc jordan belforrttt

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ur so gay with the way u started the topic off

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Is that the boy procrast?



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Nice topic man, really did achieve a lot. Joined late this year and have enjoyed being in this clan for the most part and look forward to being more involved in 2k16 :)



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Was a great year! Can't wait till 2016 :)



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was an ez year



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flash2: we truely are the best lmfao

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quality topic



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this is why im 47 ~ Jamal





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Glad to be back, not a clan I'd rather be in ;]

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Was so fkin drunk for that lmao whats new.


Been a good year lads.


2016 will be even better.



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You forgot to mention we lost a p2p full out vs fo albeit it being an extreme nail bitter and despite us being hugeeee under dogs. I'm Proud of the progress we have made this year in p2p- From being terrified to mini fatality to nearly beating fo in their homeland. Let's keep it up!

...You also forgot to mention fo refuses to f2p full out us (declined), f2p prep us (declined), and are completely irrelevant on the weekends because of us.

From an objective point of view, if you look at the entire picture, we are the clear #1 pure clan currently. fo however has certainly kept things interesting with their recent win over us. Let's hope the upcoming year brings more battles in both servers, there is no reason at all to shy away from competition and that's what fo is doing currently with picking their battles and only wanting to fight from a position of power.

Let's stay strong throughout 2016 fellas
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Very happy to have been a part of all this.

Let's see if anyone can compete in 2016.

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