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Illiterate Fucks

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    Tyen was here <3

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ur a fag



Serious: That's why we are all here. To laugh at the stupidity of others. If I was here to prove my intellectual competence around others, then I've come to the wrong place. I'm here to have a laugh and play Runescape these days. I've got other places if I want to have a less degrading conversation :P

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#Just Quode Things



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they're not worth your time

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im gay

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    It's lonely at the top.

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Okay than.

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Nigga shut up




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r3v still mad bulls got knocked out in 2nd round lmaooooo



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Interesting. I'm a grammar Nazi but you take it to the extreme. Are you an english major by any chance?



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Interesting. I'm a grammar Nazi but you take it to the extreme. Are you an english major by any chance?

I'm actually not, although when I was in school my favorite past time (if I wasn't scaping) was writing/reading short stories. I think the stigma is caused more by my distaste for people rather than genuine concern for the application of English. It's akin to when you're in High School during your teen years, but instead of feeling rebellious and resentful towards people, you experience the confidence and composure that comes with age and life knowledge... which means that those who have neither fail to entertain or attract you, and since indifference is a rather subtle form of dislike, it grows on you until your indifference turns into straight up resentment.



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cool story bro

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