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Trevor Wiley (Rumsaw)- A Pure Till The End

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Let me preface by saying this tribute and memorial are LONG over-due.

Please read through this topic, pay your individual respects, and reminiscence about Trev.


Background Information




While I do not remember the specific circumstances of Trevor's departure before his re-app in early 2012 (basically 2011), I can confidently say that once he was back, he proved all of his doubters wrong and fully dedicated himself to bettering both our community and our clan. He quickly rose through the ranks and achieved the title of events team, a notoriously strenuous rank that he performed exceptionally without ever complaining. There is not a doubt in my mind that if the grim reaper had not been looming over his head and TLP's, he would have achieved the rank of High-Council and been a key player in our success moving forward. 


Only The Good Die Young


Articles on the fire:




Trevor's obituary:



Remembering Rumsaw


-Anyone that you ask will tell you that Trev had a contagious happiness about him that rubbed off onto anyone who came into contact with him. I do not recall ever seeing him angry/upset. 

-He was a rare-breed; the kind of guy that is one in a thousand. He was an invaluable asset to TLP and a great person

-He was content with his life and at his happiest when he was shooting the shit with his buds online.

-He was a big part of the core that held together our friendly community. 

-He was a big dick stud and part of the ever reliable "unit" that we relied on to carry us through tough minis and challenging preps. 

-He could always be found on team-speak and he always had a warming presence about him. 

-Please see other people's memories below. 




Looking back on Trevor's life, we can all learn a lot from him despite only having the great honor and privilege of knowing him for 2~ years.


-Learn to smile and let go of your anger; it simply isn't worth it. 

-"Life appears to me to short to be spent in nursing animosity and registering wrongs"- we do not know if there will be a tomorrow, therefore, we should strive to always be on good terms with everyone in our lives from our family to the  people we #rek online. 

-Do your best to keep in touch with close friends/clanmates you meet online. Idk about you guys, but I think of Trev and all of you that I've had the chance to spend a substantial amount of time with as close friends and I hope that we are able to stay in touch for the rest of our lives...well...at least until y'all start having kids like me. Seriously though faggots, keep in touch and hopefully we can have some irl meetups as the years go on, we owe it to Trev and ourselves! 


Never Forget


We will never forget you, friend. We are eternally grateful for all of the memories and the laughs that you provided over the years, we will all cherish them forever. Rest easy Rumsaw...

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Was crushed when I had first heard of this. He was an awesome member/rank, rest in peace Trev.




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Rip  :(



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 R.I.P.  :(



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good guy gone too soon, always liked trev from when he first joined.

Rest in peace.



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Almost brought tears to my eyes, Rest In Peace Trev  :(

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was pretty disappointed when i heard



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Was shattered when I heard the news, Trev was a sick cunt,


Rip pal <3




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He was so mellow n easy to get along with, pretty harsh man.



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Good job on the topic, I'm shocked to hear about this, I didn't know him on a personal level but he was very outstanding in his work for the clan/community. Rest In Peace



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Never forgotten. <3

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rip trev

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my favorite person to rag with.



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super rad of you to have taken the time to post this dissy. 

trev and i got really tight pre TLP's battlescape ass battering and i always remember staying up hella late on ts with him working at my chaotics. kid was an invaluable asset to this clan and an incredibly intelligent, soft spoken dude. always friendly and helpful, nothing slight of a damn saint. hope the best for his family and friends.




rest in paradise big homie. 



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Was one of the very few people who were my age (17ish around the time he died) that never talked shit online and was actually humble.



He was legit a gr8 scaper too.


Gone too soon, terrible way to die too. Poor dude.


RIP homie.

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That's sad man damn.



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never knew until now damn dude, he was super chill




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Sad, man. Trev was a great person and had a great mentality on life that was contagious. He was a big part of TLP's success, and it was an honor to go to war with him by my side


Just like you said Dissy, I consider a lot of TLP to be good friends; even if we'll probably never see each other in real life. I've shared some great experiences with a lot of you guys that'll last a life time



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Fuck man I'm kind of in shock.

Trev was a super cool guy. R.I.P brother.



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Wow shocked to see that RIP dude didn't know you but still very sad, glad this was found so people could know what happened to him :(

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